The Way We Are

We are who we are…. but who are we?
Domestic Discipline is now an essential part of my existence, but can I tell my friends? My family? About this wonderful thing we do that I love so much? Nope. Not now at least. I posted an article on my Facebook about Christian Domestic Discipline in order to gauge my friend’s and family’s reaction to the concept…. I effectively got their attention, but it wasn’t positive. Most were up in arms at the very idea of a husband spanking his wife, making rules for her, and holding her accountable. It was then that I knew it had to be a secret. It’s a terrible thing to have to hide something that brings me so much joy, so much fulfillment, so much love and closeness with my husband. But I have not only my husband’s career to consider, but also his relationship with my friends and family. Would the Navy understand? It’s a toss up. Would my mother understand? Doubtful. Would my closest friends understand? I got my answer to that when I posted the article.
So we hide it… it’s our dirty little secret that my husband spanks me. I’ve told only one person, another Navy wife that I knew would understand because she’s a very open minded person. But beyond that, my only outlet is online forums and now, this blog. How can I make people understand he’s not hurting me? I asked him to do this with me because it meets my needs and his. Do I like the punishments? Um, NO. Do I like that my Head of Household (HOH) loves me enough to hold me accountable the things that I do? YES!! But, in a feminist society where women are seen as victims and men are seen as aggressors…. there is no room for the concept of a healthy dominant/submissive relationship.


2 thoughts on “The Way We Are

  1. You are doing what you are for the better growth f you and your marriage, which in turn will make you a great wife. This is not between you and your friends or family. This is between you, your husband, and most of all God. Good luck and God bless. you.


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