A little about me…

Mother of three, stepmother to three more, full time student of natural medicine, and a submissive wife, my life is always full. I am a Catholic/Christian and absolute believer in the power of God. Four out of our six children have special needs, and I find myself learning much more from the children than they do from me. I’m the fiance/wife of a submariner (Naval Submarine Petty Officer, for those of you who don’t speak Navy) and my husband is gone at sea for six months out of the year on average. My fiance and I were married once before when we were young (17 and 18) and with neither one of us having ever had an example of a healthy relationship to follow, the marriage ended because of petty differences and my own stubborn nature and unwillingness to trust. 10 years and three children later for each of us we reconnected, and after having grown up, the petty differences and juvenile stubborn ways were a thing of the past and all that was left was love. He proposed and I accepted which was the best decision I had ever made. Our relationship evolved and continues to evolve with more love and more trust each day. We practice Domestic Discipline which is the key tool we use to grow closer, better our relationship, and ourselves.

Although I keep my blog anonymous, I am more than happy to correspond with my readers and your feedback is always welcome!


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